2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Springtime---It hit me!


I was so cocky and sure that I was not going to be bothered this year with pollen.  I was WRONG!

I am not exactly sure what “got” me.  The same day, my sister cut some lilacs and gave them to me.  It was such a nice cool evening we slept with the windows open.  I love hearing the far away chug-a-chug of the train.  Who knows, it could have been just being outside.

I have felt horrible.  Today Mr. R was reading the Gospel lesson at both early and the 11 o’clock  service.  I went to the early with him and on to Sunday School but came home.  I got the heating pad and wrapped it around my head.  (A very pretty site!)  But, it got rid of my headache. 

So, after a nap this afternoon, I took Charlie and the camera outside.  We took pictures of what is blooming in our yard.  We are waiting to clean the patio.  I purchased 3 flats of impatiens, begonias and petunias on sale at the Harris Teeter on Saturday.  I will try to get them out on Monday afternoon though I might let them get just a little bit bigger. 

I hope you enjoy our spring.
















There’s more---our roses are blooming—the iris are budding and the black eyed Susans are budding.  More pics later.

See you in a few.



  1. Some beautiful shots!! I love SPRING!!!

  2. Your photos are beautiful. I have often had the heating pad wrapped around my head for a headache. Sometimes with allergy headaches, I find that ice in ziploc bag, wrapped in a towel and placed on that side of my head/face works even better!

  3. Lovely pictures -- allergies can be awful!!!! Sorry you have to suffer!

    Yes, we are going to Burford (we were near there, actually Sunday) -- but that's next week or the week after.