2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My first Fall decoration for 2011

I have got to back into the swing of things with blogdom……..I should have taken a picture of the before (or at least of the before on the door – summer basket). The basket was filled with hydrangeas, red mums and white daisies.  Below you will see the spring arrangement.  Actually it is a little worse for wear.  It has been hanging up in the garage all summer and I found some daffodils at a yard sale and just stuck them in the pot.  (all for safe keeping, I assure you!)


This is the first “fall” decorations that I have put up. I looked at my boxes in the garage the other day and thought, it is 100 degrees---if I put them up now—all over the house I will be sick of them by November.  But, I got up this morning and it felt like fall-cooler, crispish and it was just time to change the door decor.  I had some sunflowers from last year and I decided it would be nice to add a little leaves and some red sunflowers.   So, off I went to the Dollar Tree.  I stuck some berry things that were stuck in the bag with the sunflowers and the blue spiky flowers from the spring arrangement.  I like the results except for the bucket. . . . . . . .

DSC02607 DSC02609

Charlie was helping!

The door bucket was purchased about 3 years ago when we had Mr. R’s house on the market.  I love it.  But, now that I am using it for my fall arrangement for the front door I am thinking it might need a little paint.  What is the name of the bronze that everyone uses in their projects?  I am going to have to look at it a couple of days and think about it.  I love it this shade of green for spring.  Plus, I will probably put this arrangement on the back door in a couple of weeks and put a wreath on the door. 



I love the shade and shadows on the house in the mornings—dappled little blobs  of delicious sunshine peaking through onto the walls.  I know it is not a very good picture of the final results—but bear with me.  Mr. R is thinking about painting the house Williamsburg blue.  I want the doors to be black.  I love black front doors.  I also want to change the storm door as a full view with glass panels—a true Williamsburg look.  What do you all think?



And speaking of great fall decorations. . . . . . .

If any of you have a Walgreen’s nearby stop in and take a look at a glorious wire pumpkin-it is fantastic and only $19.00.  I have not bought one yet as that was going to be my gift to myself when I sold a painting.

Have a good day and I will

See you in a few,


PS---I am going to paint it---I know after looking at the pictures while I was writing this post that the wall basket needs to be a darker color. 

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  1. I'm just starting to think about fall decorations. I'm tired of all the seashells around the house and I'm ready for a change...just not ready to do the work! Maybe this weekend. I have that same hanging metal basket, mine is white and hangs in my kitchen all the time against deep taupe walls. I do think you would like it better darker with the fall flowers in it. Don't you just love sunflowers??