2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oops, I have misplaced (as in Lost) my Camera


So, last week when I was teaching my craft classes at church, I took pictures of the girls doing their “thing”.  I KNOW I put the camera in my knitting bag and now it has decided to get up and walk right out of the thing.  I have crawled under sofas, looked behind pillows and looked down Charlie’s throat (he is our 8 month old Shitz tzu who chews and eats everything that is not tied down).  No Camera.  I have a back up, but with lower pixels.  

Last week was not a good week as far as my possessions were concerned.  The Camera, a $20.00 gold piece and chain (a gift from my late husband that I wore for 20 years and never took off, but I put it back on and I lose it), and I broke (long story) a bangle bracelet that I dearly love that Mr.. R gave me for our 2nd anniversary. I must say,  I determined yesterday that things must really come in threes and that those were my 3s for a while.

Well, I am off to the mountains today with 4 friends to paint, craft and eat (oh yeah, and drink a glass of wine or two).  I have been told that the house has wifi, so hopefully, I will be able to post from there.  I am really going to do better about posting on a regular basis.  Our lives have been a little crazy.  I had written a post about the attempted robbery here at the house and their second attempt last week.   I thought I had set a publish date of last Friday night for that…….When I checked, it was lost in blog land and I am not sure what I did wrong.  Needless, to say, I am not a computer genius……

At any rate, have a good week—I will work on my menus for next week while I am away.  One of my dearest friends and I are doing the cooking for the week (but, we don’t have to wash a dish!!!! Hurrah!!!!) but those menus are planned. 

I will have pictures in my next post, I promise.

See you in a few,


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  1. Hope y'all have an amazing time in the mountains! Should be gorgeous weather!