2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Friday, October 29, 2010

Yard Sales----Score!


For almost 40 years, I have been going to yard sales.  We started going after our house burned.  We had moved into the first really nice apartment complex in our town and met a couple from California.  They taught us about antiques and auctions and yard sales.  Yard sales became my favorite way to acquire pieces for our new home.  If there is luck when your house burns, we had just started buying pieces when it burned and a lot of the furniture was already in the house.  I lost pictures of our son—the non replaceable pictures of him as a baby. My mom had some.  I digress or I will start to cry.

So, we started going to yard sales.  On Friday night I would map out our destinations and make “a circle”.  We didn’t like to backtrack and if they were not open when we rode by, we didn’t go back. 

When we moved the bed and breakfast from town to the country, I pretty much stopped going.  Oh, occasionally I would get breakfast ready to a point and John would get up and finish everything for breakfast at 9:00.  I would roll in around the same time to serve. We had a plan. 

Now, that I have shut the B&B down and live in town, I regularly go to yard sales.  I love them.  And, I find neat stuff…..wonderful stuff------So, I thought you would enjoy pictures of a yard sale mission a couple of Saturdays ago. 

I drive a Mini Cooper and I usually take our baby, Charlie the Shitz tzu with me. So, here goes a photo gallery of yard sale finds!



This is the view from the back.  I tell you, this was what I call a banner day!!!  I am still thinking about items I didn’t get---that is not a good rule of thumb.  If you miss it, then it is over.  You sure can’t go back to get it….


So here is everything spread out on the garage floor.  WOW, what a day!

DSC01915  DSC01913

So, how much did I spend?   Drum roll, please. $19.00.  I usually go with a $20.00 bill and that is my limit for the day.  HURRAH!

But, the “scary” thing is that this was the day, my sister went to one more than I did and found upholstery fabric for $2.00 a bolt.  Check out my daughter’s blog here.  I love yard sales. 

Thank heavens, my family loves them, too.  We do yard sale purchases for Christmas presents.  It has taken Mr. R awhile to get accustomed to the yard sale phenomenon, but last week he actually went with me and bought some things for Christmas presents, too.  Yeah, he is coming over to my side!!!!

Tomorrow is another day.  We are leaving early for Christiansburg to see some of the grandchildren, but we will stop at a yard sale or two on our way out of town. 

Hope you have good luck tomorrow morning, too.


See you in a few,


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