2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Monday, December 27, 2010

I missed my goal---

Right after I told you about my goal to read 50 books by years end, life around the old homestead became more than wild.  Unless, I stay up all night and all day for the next 5 days, there is no way that I can finish.  But, that’s okay, too.  It wasn’t an unattainable goal, it just didn’t happen due to what I like to call speed bumps in life’s highway.  Life goes on. 

I did read Little Women.  It is on the list I told you about of “must read” books.  What can I say about it?  I should have known that if I didn’t really like any of the movies why would I enjoy the book.  You know, the 1930 something one starring Kathryn Hepburn.  Or the 1940’s rendition with Elizabeth Taylor & June Allison or the more recent makeover with Winona Ryder. 

I am reading Lord of the Rings by Tolkien.  I do like this very much.  My problem is having long enough amounts of time to sit down to read.  Hopefully, this week will provide “time”. 

So, what am I going to read next?   I am not sure. I got a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas.  I am leaning toward a book on knitting---One Skein Wonders. There’s the second installment of the Father Tim series, In the Company of Others  by Jan Karron.  Mr. R received the new Ken Follett book, Fall of Giants.  It is the first in a series of three.  My step daughter-in-law (I am not wild about using the descriptive “step” here as I love her just like she & Mr. R’s son were my own—but I digress) told me about a couple of books she had read recently.  One was My Sister’s Keeper.    I think that might be a little too depressing for a January read-a thon.  (I will put it on my list because I know I need to read it though.)

So, what is on your list?  Of course, I still have my BBC list of 100 must reads and I will be pulling selections from that every now and then.  I still have a goal of 50 books next year. That is one a week and as I think I have said before, a very doable proposition. Let me hear from you about your choices. 

See you in a few,


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