2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If it is not done, then it won’t get done.



Thank heavens I am done.  I think everything is just about in its place.  This was my second year in this house. Last year, I didn’t do too much decorating—I wasn’t in the mood. I had not had enough time to get a feel for it.  It is amazing what I sold at all the yard sales that I should have kept.  As usual, I use a lot of bows and ribbons.  I find that even when you might not have just the right accessory, a bow and some greenery really can do the trick.


The Christmas tree in the living room is my old standard. I use the antique balls from the 40s and 50s.  I love those old things.  They remind me of my tree growing up when I was a little girl.  I added the gold metallic ribbon twirls.  They are probably 30 years old themselves.  I got those at the Southern Living Show.  Every year, I roll them up after Christmas.  Some years, I take them out of the box and think, “Well, I won’t use them this year.”  But, as I am finishing the tree, it is just not complete without them.


The mantle in the den worked really well. I used a lot of the decorations I had used last year in the dining room.  Mr. R has a string of bells that he always used underneath the mantle piece. We added those to begin with and then a Martha Stewart pre-lit garland.  Several candles, some ornaments and pinecones (sprayed gold), and then ribbon flowing through the whole thing. 



The piano is my “mantle” in the living room.  Mr R has collected Santa plates for years.  So, we used the plates and a small part of my Santa collection.  (I can’t find the rest of it—and of course, the box had the best Santas in it.)   Mr. R’s nativity set works perfectly in his cabinet except you couldn’t see Baby Jesus.  He came up with the perfect solution.  He has a little flashlight with a high powered beam.  On the shelf above the nativity set, he placed a Madonna and put the flashlight behind her.  Perfect!

Well, I am going to hush and just show you what I have done.  Hope to get some good comments. 

See you in a few.


PS---I am sorry about the quality of the pictures.  I have lost my good camera.  (I am hoping that I have stuck it somewhere for safe keeping.) 

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