2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. R


Well, today is Mr. R’s 76th birthday.  Last year, I surprised him with a truly surprise birthday party.  ALL of his family and friends came.  We had over 40 people in the house.  I was sick as a dog and hardly did any food—I made 75 cupcakes and he wanted to know why the church always wanted me to make so many???????? (I had told a little story about my old church needing  a lot of cupcakes.  I didn’t even tell him the number because I knew it would give it away.) 

This year though was quiet. I had to be at Mom’s to keep her while my brother-in-law had cataract surgery.  Luckily, he did so well that they were home an hour earlier than expected.  I rushed home – changed clothes and we were off to Camden, South Carolina. 

Why Camden?  Mr. R’s great great great great grandfather fought at the Battle of Camden in the Revolutionary War.  He was a 53 year old corporal that had walked from Delaware to South Carolina.  We had hoped that we would find all sorts of info about the battle and per chance a monument with great grandfather Miller’s name on it.  The battlefield is now actually a pine forest with several informational stands stuck along a sandy trail.  To have been such an important battle there was very little information. 

I must say we had a good time—we always do.  Just being together is fun.  For lunch, I had hoped to find a little cafe or tea room, but the night before he mentioned that we had not eaten at SUBWAY in a long time.  So we ate at a Subway.  It was a 2 hour drive down and obviously the same back.  We just did not take the time to stop and shop though I saw several Thrift shops and antique stores in Camden.  This was HIS birthday—Mr. R is  not into thrifting. 

We also brought Charlie along for the ride.  He had fun too.   I didn’t get too many pictures, but here are the ones I did take.  Good memories!

DSC02186 DSC02187 DSC02185

All in all a good day.



PS  We are going to visit Kings Mountain, North Carolina  in the future.  My great-great-great-great-great grandfather is buried there.

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