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2 Down the Lane

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If it is snowing outside, make a snowman!



Last fall, a small group of ladies and one man asked me to teach a series of Christmas craft ideas.  We finally stopped the week after Thanksgiving.  They want to do the classes again.  I have been racking my brain for new, clever, inexpensive ideas. This is my first. This is my first tutorial on my blog, too—I hope it works!


Mod Podge
Masking Tape
Red & Yellow paint (Orange)
Buttons, Scissors, Paint Brushes
Old Sock
Hot Glue
Base of some sort
Skewer, drill & small bit

I had all of the above list at the house.  We are “kind of” stuck at home.  But, that was good.  It literally kept the cost very low.  I had everything and did not buy a thing.  So, it’s free.  MY FAVORITE WORD!


The first thing to do is to take a sheet of newspaper and roll it up into a ball.  I would roll a tight ball.  (I will do this when I make the next one.)  Then, cover the ball with masking tape.  It does not have to be perfectly round.  Just pretend you are making the balls for the snowmen outside.  



Take the skewer and jab into the middle of the top (head) and bottom (body).  This is just for stability. I used as a base an empty roll of ribbon (1/8”).  It was there when I need it.  Anything with a little weight can be used.  Just hot glue the base to the snowman.  Now, the fun starts! Cut strips of newspaper about 1-1 1/2” wide and  about 4” to 5” long. With the Mod Podge, glue the strips all around the rolled balls.  Be sure and cover the base, too.


I also took a strip of paper, coated it with Mod Podge and rolled it to look like a carrot. It is not quite an 1” long but it does look cute sticking out there.


When you are putting your strips on, make sure they are smooth.  I allowed the “snowman” to dry overnight.  The next morning, I painted him with Gesso.  I was going to make a second coat of acrylic white paint, but I did not have any at the house.  So, I gave him a second coat of Gesso.


Once completely dry, the fun began. I took a couple of drops of  red and yellow paint and mixed them to make an orange.  If you have orange paint---go for it.  I painted his nose.  Then, I went through my button jar and found 3 buttons.  One was for his “coal” button and the other two were for his eyes. I cut a piece of felt that I had into two strips.  I used this for his scarf.  I am tickled that the felt was lavender.  Now, he doesn’t look like a Holiday snowman.

DSC02217 DSC02220

Then, his hat is an old sock. I tied a knot in it and cut it off just above the knot.  This made a perfect toboggan (that’s what we call snow hats around my neck of the woods).   With hot glue, I placed  the eyes, “piece of coal” and the hat on his head.   Then I took the fiberfill and glued it to the bottom around the base.  (I could still feel the base.)  I got my drill and a little bit and made two little holes. While I was walking Charlie, I found two little sticks that made perfect little arms. I love him.  I definitely want to make a Mama and a Papa.   



I am dying to know what you think.  Please comment. 

See you in a few.


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