2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More of our Florida Pictures


We spent a delightful week in Florida.  It was good for both of us.  We even took Charlie with us and he loved it, too. We were not allowed to take him on the beach—though on Saturday we found a park on the beach that allowed pets, but it was 42 degrees and we didn’t go out.

We ate at wonderful restaurants.  The sea food was outstanding. Shrimp po boys, oysters on the half shell, a haddock sandwich to die for—just to name a few.  I have been having trouble thinking of new and interesting things for menus, so I had a brain storm about picking up their take-out menus to get ideas.  You will be seeing the results of all of this in the future. 

The Thrift Shops in the area were expensive.  It was funny.  I found craft items that were reasonable, but their dishes and clothes were really quite expensive. I found knitting needles in small sizes for $1.00—now that was a deal. They had Habitat Store, A Hospice store, a Goodwill (they asked if I was a Senior Citizen—I love it!!) At a yard sale, I found a box of sequins.  Now, get this I picked them up and the box said $.25. When, I went to pay for them the lady was going to charge me $2.00.  I got them for $.25.  My daughter loves vintage coats and I thought I had found her one, but they wanted $10.00 for it and even another lady said that was too much for the coat. 

We loved our little motel. Built in the 50s, but updated and very clean.  It was pet friendly, right on the intracoastal waterway, a park in the back yard and a great location to get to places.  And, would you believe, I forgot to take a picture?  Here is their website.

So, now I will show you the pictures.  Some of these I am planning on painting.  I will show the finished paintings later.  This is just to give you a little smile as you sit today with the rain pouring or the snow falling.


Remember though, on 2 days, the temperature did not get out of the 40s.


The Ponce de Leon Lighthouse


Restored B-17 taking off from New Smyrna Beach Airport



Just two guys fishing.  There is supposed to be some great fishing here,


Just a wonderful picture of a brown pelican (if I do say so, myself!). 



Obviously, Mr R and Charlie are having a nice walk.  Why is it that there are never any pictures of me?  I am the picture taker.


I had hoped for a “moon” picture—but there were too many clouds on this night.  I love these stripes of blue.  I did get a moon shot on this evening.  I am still learning. 


So, we are going to Florida again in a couple of weeks but to the west coast.  I hope it is a little warmer.  Hope you enjoyed this very short trip.  We had a ball.

See you in a few---




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