2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Friend


A couple of weeks ago we went to Richmond, Virginia to watch our grandson wrestle in the middle school state championship.  He won seventh place---YEAH! It was an interesting time.  I have never smelled so much testosterone in one place in my entire life.  More on that later.

Coming home on Sunday, Mr. R wanted to stop and see a friend he had not seen in years.  He had spoken of her many times and of the horses that he had sold her. 

So, instead of taking the horrible I-85 home, we took Highway 360 to Crewe, Virginia.  There I met, Paula and Greg.  Paula and Greg live on 160 some acre farm with 30 cashmere goats, 2 Great Pyrenees dogs for the goats, a “come-here” dog that is blind (one that just appeared), 2 English setters and the 2 horses, Fortune and Isis.  They are 23-24 years old.   (Do you know, I didn’t get a picture of the goats or the dogs?  What was I thinking?)


The farm is my dream location.  A long drive-way with a push button gate—streams, ponds and trees—absolute perfection.  They even have a vineyard! 


But, the real treat for me was meeting Paula.  She is one of the neatest people.  She loves to collect.  She paints. She weaves.  She loves animals.  She is my kind of people. 


After visiting with  the animals, we sat in their lovely living room and talked and talked.  I could have stayed there for hours.  She had been so kind to fix us lunch, but because of a very late breakfast we were just stuffed.  I did take pictures of lunch.  It was absolutely beautiful.  She served a great Prosecco, Lunetta,  which we thoroughly  enjoyed.  I asked her and she actually found it at Kroger but then she found it at Costco at a lower price.


Isn’t it funny, how a quiet Sunday afternoon can be so interesting and restful and entertaining?  So, I am planning another trip north—hopefully, soon so that I can visit with Paula again. 

I hope you meet a new friend—soon!

See you in a few,


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  1. Hi there! I really enjoyed this post! It does seem like a perfect afternoon in a lovely environment! Hope youre well! And, I have to mention, HOLY BRIE BATMAN!!!! ~Shannon