2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Cute Idea from a Tennessee Knit Shop





Back in the spring, we made a road trip to Nashville.  Of course, I couldn’t ride by a knitting shop that had a billboard on the interstate.  So, we made a quick detour. 

The store is called The Yarn Patch and it is in Crossville, Tennessee.  Their website is http://www.yarnpatch.com.   This is one of the neatest knitting stores that I have ever seen.  It was bright, full of beautiful yarns and the friendliest lady waited on me. While I was there, I saw the cutest pair of flip-flops.  I knew I had to make them and make them, I have!


100_2154 100_2157

So far, I have made 3 pairs---one adult size and 2 children---with the third pair started.  These will be gifts for Christmas.  They are just too cute.  I made the adult pair just like the ones I saw in Tennessee or at least the way I remember the way they were made.  I made the children flip flops  a little different with a fluffier result.  I think the granddaughters will enjoy these.


Now is a good time to  purchase flip flops—I found them at the local Dollar General store for just $.50 a pair. When we were in Columbia, South Carolina, we stopped at the Hobby Lobby right off I-77 at exit 12 and I got a bag of loops.  This is a quick, easy and inexpensive gift for little and big girls.


Decide on a color scheme. I made a multi-color, red-white & blue and then yellow, green & white.

For the multi-colored:

Fold  loop in half.  Hold under flip flop strap with the top of  the loop on the right and the two bottom loops on the left.  Take the 2 bottom loops and pull them over the strap and into the top loop.  Pull tightly. Go around and cover the whole flip flop strap. When you have finished the shoe, trim the loops  so that they are all the same size.

For the red, white & blue: 

I cut the loops in half---a cut in the bottom and top loop. 
Wrap the cut  loop and tie a square not.  Some of my loops were thin and in this case, I used two pieces of loop.  When the straps were completely covered, trim the edges so that they are all about the same length.

It takes less than an hour to make one pair.   As far as cost, the flip flops were $.50. I used probably $.50 worth (if that) of the loops.  So, for $1.00, I think I have a pretty cute gift.

I am planning (now that is the plan---it is not written in stone but it is a thought progressive plan)  to make cute little dresses for the granddaughters that match.   My grandchildren live at the beach, so a pair of flip flops are always welcome---and of course, they are little girls and they do love their shoes.


On a sad note, my Mother-in-law passed away Saturday night, September 11, 2010.  We will be in and out of the house—it has already been a hectic couple of days. She was almost 102 years old.  She was a beautiful lady---I never saw her that she was not smiling and happy.  

Until next time,


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  1. I bet the girls would love that! I like the ones with the rattan bottoms the best they look very festive = islandy!

    Nice work!