2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Friday, January 14, 2011

I need a Blogging 101 course!


I need to learn to make my blog  ‘wonderful’.  Well, you know what I mean…..

I need to learn how to do Metamorphosis Mondays, Tabletop Tuesdays, Sunday Showcase, (there are so many more).  How do I get that little thingy on the side of my blog so that people know that I join those wonderful blogs?  And, then how do I make those little pictures on the right hand side of the blog when I join their sites?  I keep trying to find a good how-to.  What I mean by that is I want to find something that when I read it, I actually understand it. 

One thing, I love is this font.  It is Parchment.  I loved it for my old website when I had the bed and breakfast.  I don’t like Times Roman—Georgia—(actually, don’t like is an understatement.)  I have been using Georgia for a couple of posts as it is such a hassle to change to the Parchment.  There has got to be a way to keep it on the font without having to change it if I want to make a chart…….

Where do you find those cute little signs that say –sit a spell and read me or the thank you for following me. How do you make the cute little buttons for past posts?  Is it better to have my pictures on the Picasa web album or all on my computer?

And there comes a better question…..How do you take good pictures?  Like I said in my last post, I had “misplaced” my good camera and have been using a smaller pixel camera. (Thank heavens, I had the backup.)  Lights, no lights?  Natural-candles?  I mean, this is a job. (A fun job---but a job.)

Oh, and tell me about why people change the size of their fonts in the middle of their paragraphs?  I think it’s cute, but does it really make the blog stand out more?

So, I am open to all of your suggestions—I guess the key word is HELP!!!


See you in a few,



  1. Hello Madelyn!

    Is the "little thingy" your talking about your bloglist? ... because if it is, you've already figured it out! :D

    If you want your bloglist to show the little pictures, there is an option in there...click on "Thumbnail of most recent item" and the pictures will show up.

    I keep all my pictures on my own computer.

    You can fund lots of cute things for your blog in Photobucket. Sometimes, you can just click on something you like, copy it, and paste it into where you keep your pictures, then retrieve it from there. Like those little signs that say "thank you for following me". Just make sure it's not someone's original artwork. If it's something you see all over the place, then it's okay! There are lots of blogs that offer free things for your blog. This is the one that comes to mind.

    I always take my pictures during the day, in the brightest room of my house. No flash. No direct sunlight.

    It took me a long time to get the hang of things...and I still have lots to learn!

    Have a fun weekend!

    Paulette :D

  2. I have to say that google is my best friend when it comes to trying to figure out new things. Google your question and I bet you will find an "answer" that's understandable.

    On the whole font thing unfortuntately blogger only has so many fonts to choose from that are standard. But the joy of Live Writer is atleast you have the option to change your body text - it won't change your title text.

    To find cute "buttons" (that's what those pictures are called htat are used in the side columns) try free blog design sites - that's where I got that cute chair...

    I also follow some blogger tip blogs - I found those via google as well ;-)


  3. It looks like you have already received great advice. When I started my blog, I spent countless hours trying to figure things out. For me, it was trial an error mostly. Good luck to you...you will get it :)