2 Down the Lane

2 Down the Lane

Monday, June 24, 2013

Always taking pictures—always looking for new ideas

When I switched phones, I discovered I had over 500 pictures on it.  I had no idea that I had that many pictures of my grandchildren, flowers, clouds, trees and leaves. 
But a lot of times that is where I get my inspiration.  So I thought I would show you some of my inspiration.  I do love that I have the iphone.  I have a Kodak camera, too. 

So here goes.  Sometimes, you will wonder.  I will try to explain what I did see when I took the picture.  See if you see what I saw? DSC00152

This is a little fuzzy.  But, do you see all of the different “things” in this picture.  The clouds, the reflections, the colors—even fuzzy makes a pretty picture to me.


A trip to Florida always gets lots of birds and wildlife.  This is on my list to paint this summer.




Working on this right now.   The painting doesn’t look like this but I am using them as examples. 


100_1993 100_0434

Dozens of waves pictures.  Look at the colors in the waves.  Working on this, too, this summer.  This doesn’t begin to tip the bucket of the photos but it gives you a little view of some of the things that I look for when I take pictures.

Have a good day!


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